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LRCN introduces the most extensive Labrador database on the internet

Years of hard work have been invested in the LRCN Labrador database. We're proud of the result: an extensive database with more than 70,000 individuals, from 1876 to present. The LRCN database is updated on a daily basis, with new individuals and new health scores. Most important: the LRCN database is free, and easy accessible - you don't need a password.
Please check your dogs' files and send us the correct details if you find any errors in the files.

Become an LRCN Supporter!

How do they do it if it's free?

Maintaining a reliable database on the internet costs money. The LRCN doesn't have members, but it has supporters, and breeders who advertise their stud dogs and upcoming litters on our website. Also the LRCN is building a list of international breeders; your kennel can be on that list for free!
Put the button on your website to show you're an LRCN supporter!

What can I expect from the LRCN database, now and in the future?

During the first phase of building the database we're trying to add as many Labradors to the database as possible. These are Labradors who are involved in contemporary breeding, as well as their ancestors - as many as we can find.
During the second phase we will add kennel club and breed club registration details, like registration numbers and as much information as we can get about health matters, like hip- and elbow dysplasia scores, eye scores, EIC, DNA details, etc. ( Read the worksheet.)
Breeders need to know as much as possible about their breeding material, to be able to make the right decisions regarding the combinations they choose for upcoming litters. Puppy buyers, also, will benefit from this information.

Happy, healthy Labradors - dogs to be proud of!
That's what it's all about. There are many roads leading to Rome, so breeders will have different methods to reach these goals, but one thing is sure: you can only breed happy, healthy and good looking Labradors from parents who are happy, healthy and good looking dogs.

Use this PayPal button for once-only donations if you want to support the development of the LRCN database without using LRCN Services;

Breeding Labradors - An International Affair

Breeding Labrador Retrievers has become more and more an international affair. We buy our quality dogs in Scandinavia, Czechia, Italy, the U.K., Russia, America, Canada, etc., so these Labrador populations, once rather closed, become more open all the time. The pedigrees of our dogs don't stop at the borders of our country. That's why we need a truly international database, a database that goes back all the way to where it once started: the Dukes of Buccleuch's and Malmesbury's stud books.
One reason why this is important, is that more and more breeders want to calculate the relationship coefficients of future litters. Several databases provide this service, as it is a gadget which comes with the package, but these figures are only reliable if the database contains at least ten generations of the individual who's relationship coefficient you want to be calculated. Ten generations means 2,046 individual ancestors, so don't think your COI results are reliable if the database of your choice only contains four or five generations.
We welcome new pedigrees of Labradors which are (were) significant for the breed in your country. Please send them to us by email!

The Importance of Social Media

Recently we have created a Facebook Group called LRCN Labrador Database. It's a closed group, which means that anyone can see the group, but only members can see the posts.
The idea of this Facebook Group is to create a space where people interested in Labrador pedigrees can share their knowledge. A space for questions and answers, for suggestions and actual contributions.
A Labrador Database is as good as the people who compile it. For the past 10 years this was done by only two people, who worked on the database several hours a day - each day. Now the time has come to share the database with the world, it needs to be refined. Birth dates, health scores, etc. need to be added or revised, unknown ancestors need to be added to fill the "blanks".
A Facebook Group like LRCN Labrador Database is the perfect spot to communicate efffectively about these matters.
Visit the group today and become a member!

LRCN Labrador Database on Facebook

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