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This is the online database of the Labrador Retriever Club of the Netherlands. 

Follow these steps to display your pedigree or breeding information.

Number of generations:  Select the number of generations you will want displayed in the pedigree. For most computer printers printing in Landscape mode, 5 generations is the best choice.
Field to search: 
Search string:  Enter the name, or partial name,  to search for. For example, entering "ben" will find all entries whose names contain "ben". Use * as a wild card to match any characters, but leave out the 's at the end of the name, so not "Mallorn's", but "Mallorn".
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Database: Select which database to use:
  Click on the "Search Now" button below. 

This Labrador database is made and maintained by Jack Vanderwyk (LRCN). 
Visit our website and send us your email with pedigrees and additional information 

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Your Labrador's pedigree in the LRCN Database?

If your Labradors are, will or have been, active in the breeding process, we will add their pedigrees to the LabradorNet Database. Also, if you have old Labrador pedigrees which aren't in the database, we would love to receive them. All you have to do is send is your pedigrees, or links to the pedigrees, and we'll add them to the LabradorNet database.
Send your pedigrees or links to

Tips and Tricks for the LRCN Database

- Standard the program will show a 5-generation pedigree, but you can adjust it, from 3 to 9 generations.

- In the Field to search (standard is 'Name") you can choose "Color". If you type "Beware!" in the Search string and click the Search Now button, you will find the pedigrees of diluted (dd carriers) Labradors, or Labradors related to diluted Labradors. This tool is useful if you want to check the pedigrees of bitches who's owners want to use your precious stud dogs. Surely you don't want your dogs name to appear in the pedigrees of so called 'silver', 'champagne', or 'charcoal' mutts!

If you type "
D/D" in the Color Search string and click the Search Now button, you will find the pedigrees of DNA tested dilute free Labradors.

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